The Common Requirement Needed to be Accepted in All University Programs

Why should a student take an english class even though they want to study science or math in university? I would like to talk to you about whether grade 12 university-level english should be a requirement for entry to all university programs.

Classwork is assigned for the sole purpose to improve students’ understanding towards a topic

Not all students are interested in studying english; in reality, there are many students that consider the class uninteresting or quite stressful. The course can be uninteresting perhaps due to the reading of dull stories or due to the working on many additional assignments that may seem irrelevant. The course can be quite stressful due to the difficulty and thinking ability required to ace important assignments and perhaps due to the large number of assignments that need to be completed by the next day (Why We Don’t Like English Classes, n.d.).

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Being able to widen your perspective can result with many benefits

Before I talk about why english is a requirement to attend university, I would like to share with you why the course is required to be taken during secondary school. There are several convenient reasons. English class allows students to turn their imagination into understandable words. First, there is always a different way to communicate effectively with others. The course teaches students different writing techniques to share their ideas and this includes researching an essay, composing a poem, and writing a novel (Stagliano, 2016). The process of being able to reveal what you are thinking into a physical entity is very useful for post-secondary purposes. The course also allows students to think deeper and find the true meaning of an article and not to solely focus on the big picture (Why is English a Required, Core Class Throughout High School, 2010). This skill is quite helpful and allows students to think outside-the-box, which can lead to the discovery of many connections.

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Along with the reasons why the course is taught in secondary school, there is a very appropriate reason on why universities are only interested in students with certain skills. University professors do not want to solely educate students and provide them with facts and information; that is what the internet is for, which is the place where all kind of information can be found.  Professors want to help students explore different opportunities based on how capable they are with thinking thoroughly (Somers, 2012). As a conclusion, I completely support the current teaching system and I would like to add that I hope the course is taught with more detail and pressure in order for students, as a result, be capable to easily think with more thorough detail and expand their perspectives.

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One thought on “The Common Requirement Needed to be Accepted in All University Programs

  1. I completely agree with your thoughts and I really like how you worded them in this post! Although I agree with your thoughts, I think University English should not be required for all programs because grade 12 is just a continuum of previous years. We already know how to do all of the basics like writing an essay or citing in MLA format. I do think English is required but not so much the Grade 12 University. That’s just my thoughts, many people have different opinions.


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